Sunday, October 10, 2010

SJSU vs. Nevada Recap


Talk about ugly.

The last 2 games have been far from pretty. I don’t know what has gotten into this team but I do not like it. We have been playing down to our opponents’ level. Last year we annihilated SJSU and this year we struggled to pull away? 8 penalties for 89 yards? Missing chip-shot field goals? Let’s get serious here, this is the BCS era, a win is not just another W unfortunately, there’s style points and computers involved.

Then there’s a trend developing that I really hate, any idea what it is? It’s Drake, not the rapper, the kid on the team. I wasn’t a fan of you last year, I started to like you a little this year, and then you go and kick a kickoff out of bounds in 3 consecutive games? Do me a favor and quit the team please. You have one job, probably the easiest on the team, kickoffs. Punters and place kickers have more demanding jobs. You kick from the SAME spot every time and you can’t even be consistent, well I guess you are consistent in giving the other team great field possession.

Our defense played extremely sloppy in the first half. It started looking like last year’s defense all over again. Against a team like SJSU, that’s unacceptable. A big shout out to Dontay Moch who had a hell of a night and became the WAC’s all-time leader in tackles for a loss (which they should have announced at the game by the ways). A record that will only stand ~5 years as I see the WAC as soon being non-existent, but still a record to be damn proud of.

Our offense played like it usually does, potent and methodical but struggling to get in the endzone in the second half reminiscent of what happened in Provo. What’s killing me is how we managed to put up 640 yards of offense but only scored 35 points?

What happened to that team that played Cal? If we continue to play the way we have the last 10 quarters we don’t stand a chance against Hawaii, Fresno, and definitely not Boise St. This team needs a drastic turn around, that bye week can't come soon enough it seems.

And a special message to the students in the endzone section who started chanting “underrated”, if you knew anything about football you would know that based on our last 2 performances, were overrated. But I should know better because you’re probably the same fans who said we were going to get “smoked” by Cal before that game. Yes we’re 6-0, but our strength of schedule sucks and were doing the bare minimum to get by of late.

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