Thursday, October 7, 2010

Week 6 Ranking Implications

This week’s schedule is not as perfect for a Pack move in the national rankings as it was last week. In addition to that it’s week 6, and as you will soon see moving up will get harder. After looking at the matchups, I have 4 teams ranked ahead of us losing that could move us up. Here’s how I see this week playing out:

#19 South Carolina losing to #1 Alabama

#17 Michigan St. losing to #18 Michigan

#16 Stanford. losing to USC

#14 Florida losing to #12 LSU

The most important thing is that we have to look like the Nevada team that we are and WIN by 60+ points. If we do that and the 4 teams I said would lose actually do lose, we could make a jump in the polls to #16. If we do not put up an impressive showing against SJSU, we can stay at #21 or possibly even fall lower. Realistically I’m predicting Nevada sitting at #18 come next Sunday. Currently there are 7 1-loss teams ranked ahead of us in the top 25. There are 2 1-loss teams ranked below us in the Top 25, Florida St. and Air Force. If Florida State #23 beats #13 Miami, they will leapfrog us.

If you don’t believe how important it is to put up dominating performances from here on out just look at what happened to Boise St. this last week. They KILLED New Mexico State and DROPPED a spot. They’re Boise St., were Nevada. They’ve beaten 2 top 25 teams already, we’ve beaten one. Trust me when I say perfection is key from here on out. Nothing is guaranteed for a non-BCS conference team as unfair as that is.

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