Friday, November 26, 2010

A Little Dose of HIstory


No that’s not a locker combination that will lead you to millions of dollars. They’re key numbers for amazing records.

16 – The number of yards Colin Kaepernick needs rushing to become the FIRST player in NCAA history to throw for 2000 yards and rush for 1000 yards in 3 consecutive seasons.

84 – The number of rushing yards Colin Kaepernick and Vai Taua need COMBINED to become the most prolific rushing duo in NCAA history. Who holds that record? Just a guy by the name of Craig James and E.D., E.D. by the ways might be one of the greatest running backs to play in the NFL and the 2nd overall pick of the 1983 NFL draft, none other than Eric Dickerson.

5 – The number of rushing TD’s Colin Kaepernick needs to hold the record for the most rushing TD’s by a quarterback in NCAA history. He currently has 55. With 3 more he passes that guy Tim Tebow who I’ve never been a fan of, and with 5 more he passes Eric Crouch. Now both may have had great college careers but Crouch never made it in the NFL, and well Tebow…let’s just say I hope he doesn’t make it. Either way its great company to be in and leading that category is just another notch on a belt for a quarterback who’s already achieved more than anyone thought possible.

I give you this information because you should know and I can easily see the commentators neglecting all of this information as we see at least 1 record broken tonight. 10:15pm EST, 7:15pm PST, tune your dials to ESPN, it’s going to be a good one.

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