Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nevada vs. Fresno State

If you’ve been following my blog you know that I pointed out a few key games earlier in the season. Well this week is one of them as Nevada travels to Fresno. At the beginning of the season this Fresno team was ranked higher than us, then they hit a few speed bumps. I assure you however that they are still a good team and this will be a tough game.

Some good news is that Fresno is banged up at the offensive line position which could alter their play calls. This should also let our defensive line light up their quarterback. If they truly are dinged up and are using some reserves, I expect defensive coordinator Andy Buh to call more blitzes. Look for delayed blitzes coming from the linebacking core in this game; I would not be surprised to see us rack up 6-8 sacks in this one.

Offensively it will be interesting to see if Ault decides to showcase the passing game again or if we take it to the ground. Our rushing game is so good that I’m pretty sure we could win a game without throwing a single pass, but as we saw last week, the more Kaepernick throws the ball the more it opens up the running game, allowing us to get those 30, 40, and 50+ yard runs.

Regardless of how this game is turning out in the 4th quarter, I expect Kaepernick to stay in for the entirety of the game as this is the best team we will face in the upcoming weeks before Boise St. It is imperative that Kaepernick gets as much practice against a good defense as possible. He will also set 2 records in this game as he only needs 1 rushing TD to become the Schools all time leader, and 1 passing TD to become the Schools all time leader.

I’m calling this a close and entertaining game. I mean ESPN has made it their Saturday night game after all! IF Nevada puts up a dominating performance under the biggest lights there is during the season, expect a big jump in the polls. Nevada is capable of completely manhandling this team but I honestly don’t see that happening, I hope I’m wrong.

Final Score Prediction

Nevada 52 – Fresno State 48

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