Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Breaking Down Nevada's Special Teams

Special Teams

If you followed the Pack last year, you know how horrible Ricky Drake was. The kid went 6 of 9 on FG’s and 60 of 64 on extra points! Ricky, you’re a kicker, you spend your practice running a little and kicking the rest of the time. There is no reason you should ever miss an extra point. Now I know we score a lot so you have to kick a lot, so I’ll let you miss one, but missing 4? Ok maybe I’m going a little too hard on you, in reality I’m having a hard time recruiting a kicker in my NCAA Football 2011 game, so maybe it is hard to recruit a good kicker for Nevada. You were so bad that Ault, Mr. Conservative, started going for it on 4th down because he had no faith in you.

Ok enough of the bashing on Ricky; you’re decent on kickoffs this year. But somehow we got a present this year. #40 Anthony Martinez has been doing work. So far he’s 4 for 4 on field goals, and a perfect 20 of 20 on XP’s. And to think he’s only a freshmen. Keep it up I can see us needing a 39 yard field goal at the end of regulation come November 26th.

The rest of the special teams, kick off coverage, punt team, and kick return look solid. I like the confidence Mike Ball is showing to bring the ball out of the endzone. I’m projecting 1 kick off returned for a touchdown this season, which is more than we’ve had in a long time.

Later today, defensive break down

Tomorrow, what you all have been waiting for.


  1. Drake was just OK last week. He kicked one out-of-bounds and shorted a couple. He was better than Rhodes the week before, though.

    I am glad that Drake is not place kicking for us this year.

  2. Agreed, but him being OK last week, was better than he was all of last season.