Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cal vs. Nevada only a day away

There's been a lot of talk on some forums that Nevada won't even get 100 yards on the ground in this game. Are you nuts? This is the number one rushing attack in the nation, we only lost our second string running back past year and the new offensive linemen are quickly earning their place in the union. The fact that people think Cal's defense can completely stop the rush is like saying that a 2-inch thick piece of glass will stop a train traveling 60mph. It won't happen. Sure it will put up a good fight but let's be real here.

Amazingly that's not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about the fans and how I find us to have some of the worst fans there are. Now coming from Vegas I know where not the worst but were definitely not where we should be for having the great team that we have. It's gotten better this year but tomorrow will be the real test. The place is sold out, but how heavy is Cal traveling? Is it going to be another Boise st. game where they take over some of our sections? Great fans would never let that happen.

A message to the fans. Tomorrows game is huge. This is a team that WILL capitalize on ANY mistake we make. This means that if it's the 3rd quarter and we're up by 21, on their 3rd downs you better be on your feet and loud. This also means unless we're up by 50 with 5 minutes left in the game...don't leave. We need you. The team needs you. This city needs you.

This season has the potential to be the greatest season in Nevada football history for a long time, so take pride in it and let everyone know that you were there this year for the team. It's time we had the fans this team deserves to have.

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