Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Calling Out The Fans

First off let me start by thanking all the fans for their support at the Cal game. You guys were loud and the majority of you stayed the length of the game.

Now let me challenge all of you to help make this the best Nevada team in history.

Today it was announced that the Boise St. v Nevada game on November 26th was sold out. That's awesome. But why haven't the rest of the games been sold out? Stop thinking that the Boise St. game is the only game that matters from here on out. One slip and it's all over.

This isn't an NFL game, tickets are very reasonable. Furthermore of the other games aren't on the day after Thanksgiving. Isn't that supposed to be when you spend time with your family? Well if the Pack is your family then be there for the other 3 home games:

October 30 - Utah State - THIS IS THE HALL OF FAME GAME!
November 20 - New Mexico State - THIS IS GOING TO BE A MASSACRE! (Really now? Who wants to miss a massacre?)

I'm begging all of you to go to the games and get all your friends to go to the games. This might be the year where we get a BCS game and all we're going to have is 2 sellouts? It's Mackay, it only holds ~30,000. Just imagine if we had a real stadium that held 85,000-100,000!

P.S. This might be your only time to see Kaepernick play, as much as we would all love to see him go to the league, the chances of him playing there aren't that high, (sorry I'm a realist).

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