Monday, September 27, 2010

Moving On Up

This week’s schedule is perfect for a Pack move in the national rankings. After looking at the matchups, I have #’s 21-24 all loosing. Here’s how I see this week playing out:

#21 Texas losing to #8 Oklahoma
#22 Penn St. losing to #17 Iowa
#23 N Carolina St. losing to Virginia Tech
#24 Michigan St. losing to #11 Wisconsin

I also have #16 Miami loosing to Clemson on the road.

There’s also a good possibility that #20 Michigan will lose to Indiana, once again because they are on the road and this Indiana team is good.

What does all this mean? It means if these games go as I’ve predicted Nevada will move up a minimum of 5 spots to #20. With a manhandling of that community college down south, and a poor showing by Michigan, we could be #19. A simple win like last week against BYU will not be enough to take that extra spot. Southern Nevada Community College is a horrible team and anything short of an absolute blowout wouldn’t look good. Notice how there’s 6 1-loss teams ranked ahead of us in the top 25 right now? We don’t win big and moving up will get exponentially harder after this week.

Now #19 South Carolina has a bye week this week, but its still possible to leap frog them and sit at #19 going into the SJSU game on October 9th (now on ESPNU).

There’s also some good news for Boise St. (you should be cheering here), after last week’s Alabama showing, I think there’s a good possibility that #7 Florida can knock off #1 Alabama as long as they start strong and fast. If this happens Boise St. can move up to the #2 spot.

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