Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cal vs. Nevada recap

First of all I want to say congratulations to the team and thanks to the fans. In all my years of Nevada football, I can not remember very many times when the fans were more into the game than they were last night. That being said I have a few things to get off my chest.

1. When Cal tied the game at 7-7, a girl behind me said "This is a whole bunch of sucks. Why did we even come to the game, we're going to lose." First of all, it's the 1st quarter, second of all why did you come to the game if you're just going to be negative?

2. His name is pronounced Kap - er - nick. I'm tired of hearing kapernikus, coppernick, kapernis, and many others. Learn your team's quarterbacks' name.

3. When we are up by 10 in the second quarter, it's too early to start chanting "overrated".

4. When OUR offense is in the redzone, coming into the student section, you don't get as loud as you can. You be quiet so the players can hear the audibles that need to be made.

5. It pissed me off to hear everyone on campus talking about how "we are going to get smoked" and we have no shot of winning before the game, and then after the game everyone is saying how amazing we are. I don't want Nevada to be a band wagon team. If you want to say Nevada is amazing, then come BYU and Boise st., I better not hear "we don't stand a chance".

Now about the game. I did not see it being a blowout, I thought there was a 0.01% chance that that could have happened and I'm sorry for not having more faith in the team. Why do I call it a blowout? Because that's what it was. If it weren't for 2 huge rushing plays given up, and 1 unfortunate fumble by Kaepernick (#10) giving them the ball in the redzone, the score would have been 59 - 10. But mistakes happen and you have to learn from them.

The secondary played pretty damn well against the pass, not great but much better than previous.

Oh and to the Cal fans who kept bringing up that they have the #1 defense in the country? I told you that it's too early to use statistics to make a statement in this game. You played U.C. Davis, the worst team in the FCS. The Nevada offense was methodical and persistent, with hardly any resistance put up from the Cal defense. Sorry, but you're not even close to the #1 ranked defense.

Conversation for the BYU game coming soon.

Picture credit goes to my buddy B.Y.. And for the record, I called Nevada scoring 54 in the game and I'm kinda pissed I was off by 2, where was that safety when we needed it ;)

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