Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nevada vs. BYU Recap and Ranking Implications

Congratulations on the Pack for starting 4-0. Our offense was potent as always, methodical, and unable to be stopped. Our defense stepped it up and was looking good. There are 3 things that have me a little disturbed however:

1. There were too many stupid penalties given up by our team.

2. TURN YOUR HEAD ISAIAH!!!!!!!! (read my blog breaking down the defense if you don’t know what I’m talking about here)

3. Ault…what are you doing? I’m a fan of yours and I’ve always defended you but we needed to run the score up in this game, which we easily could have done, but after going for 4 4th downs you went conservative? I’m having a hard time understanding this, but you’re the coach. Next time however, please take Kaepernick and Vai out of the game, why risk an injury when we’re not trying to pad stats?

Ranking Implications

It was a solid win for the Pack, but the scoreboard doesn’t reflect how uneven this game was. If it weren’t for a stupid fumble and taking it easy in the ENTIRE 2nd half, we could have easily scored the 66 I called, BYU however had no chance of getting the 17 I gave them credit for.

We needed some key losses from teams ranked 20-25 this week and unfortunately we only got 2. This should put us at #24, but there’s a wild card, UCLA. After loosing to #25, they went on to beat #23 and #7 (on the road). Don’t be surprised to see UCLA leap-frog us and push us back to #25. We dominated the time of possession in this game but the score just doesn’t show how one sided this game was, this will hurt us.

In all honestly look for Nevada to be ranked #23-26 (yes, I know we’re ranked #26 right now) when the rankings come out.

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